Speckled Egg - Matte Glitter UV Gel 5ml

Naio Nails

SKU: AA-193


This quirky yet pretty UV gel is perfect for anyone who's after a nail look which is both subtle, interesting and easy to wear alongside any outfit. Speckled Egg has beautiful hints of blue, white and yellow that come together to create a whimsically charming look. This gel would look great off-set against a neutral outfit for a lunch date or a trip to an art gallery where its artistry would be truly appreciated! The matte glitter finish is unusual and is a great choice for anyone looking to break away from the usual shimmer and creme finishes. It is also promised to last for up to two weeks once its been cured under a UV lamp which will mean you'll have plenty of occasions to show off your cutting-edge nails! You can be sure that the exquisite colour scheme and quirky finish of this UV gel will make you feel happy-go-lucky and one of a kind as soon as it's applied.