Sparkling gel 5ml - Reserve

Naio Nails

SKU: AA-188


Naio Nails knows how a mediocre nail finish can ruin a perfect outfit.That is why we offer high-quality finishes at affordable prices, ensuring every customer findzs exactly what they need to create stunning finishes, whether it be for themselves or for a client. With their exciting selection of a wide variety of Coloured UV Gels, Naio Nails is the best there is. Looking for that perfect colour for your occasion, mood, or outfit? Look no further! Naio Nails is just what you need. Reserve is a perfect example. It can be sparkly and festive, perfect for a party, or can be paired with a sophisticated outfit for a chic look. Wear this bright nail color with an embellished jumpsuit, statement necklace, and a nude lipstick. Find a rooftop on which to sit and sip a margarita, and you’ll be all set. It’s classy, yet shows you’re ready to party. It’s also an instant mood lifter. Cure this Colour Gel under a UV lamp, and you can jazz up your outfit for up to 2 weeks!