Sea Shell Crushed Shells 10g Jar

Naio Nails

SKU: CS-10


There is no specific occasion to rock a beautiful nail art design. Sea Shell Crushed Shell nail art will please women of any age. Sea shell crushed shell nail art has a wide range of options, to meet the needs of any woman, teenager, or child. Sea shell crushed shell art comes in a rich, purple colour. Each purchase comes with a 10 gram jar, which can be used to create amazing nail art several times. The Naio Crushed Shell line is perfect to use with acrylic nails, UV gel, or even fibreglass enhancements. This is perfect to create both 3D and textured designs. Other colours available from Naio Crushed Shells include pink anemone and crushed pearl. Pink Anemone Crushed Shells comes in a 10g jar, and is a bright pink colour. This would be perfect for adding textured tips to any nail art design. Ocean Pearl Crushed Shells also comes in a 10 gram jar, and will match any nail art design. The white appearance of this jar would make it perfect to be used with a dark-coloured acrylic or UV gel design. It would make any design pop, with an amazing 3D appearance. Sea Shell Crushed Nail Art is perfect for anyone who wants to rock a stylish, nail art design. But why stop with just one colour? The Naio Crushed Shell nail art line can be mixed and matched, in any variety that the wearer chooses. These options are perfect for any age woman, and are offered with convenient shipping options.