Sea Green Crushed Shells 10g Jar

Naio Nails

SKU: CS-05


"A 10g Jar of Sea Green Crushed Shells nail art is perfect for any woman, teenage girl, or child who wants her nails to pop. The Sea Green Crushed Shells Jar comes in a bright green colour, similar to colors that you would find in the ocean depths. The 10 gram jar is a perfect size, able to create amazing nail art designs multiple times. Sea Green Crushed Shells is just one of many colors offered by the Naio Crushed Shells Line. Another bright, vivid colour offered by Naio Crushed Shells line is Tropical Ocean Crushed Shells. This comes in a 10 gram jar as well, and is the bright aquamarine color that could only be found in the ocean. This color would be perfect for dark- and light colored acrylic nails and UV gel, to create nail art designs that would truly pop. The textured and 3D designs are so realistic that they look as if they could be plucked off of the nail. Another colour offered in the Naio Crushed Shell line is Clown Fish Crushed Shells, which is also comparable to colours found in the ocean. This bright orange color would be perfect for creating nail art for a woman of any age. Women, teenagers, and even small children would appreciate the gift of any of the Naio Crushed Shells line. Crushed Shells come in a wide array of beautiful colours. But why use just one? The Crushed Shells line can be used as individual colors, or blended together. The Sea Green Crushed Shells Jar would look great when paired with many of the colors offered by Naio Crushed Shells. Additionally, these can be bought individually or in bulk. The Crushed Shells line is also appropriate for either use at home, or use in a place of business. Nail salons would stand out for offering Naio Crushed Shells as an option for nail art design to their customers. The designs made by Sea Green Crushed Shells and other colours in the Naio line are unique. By appearing in a 3D or textured design, the limits are endless to what could be done with these colors. These colors are bright, vivid, and introduce the world to the wide array of colors found in the fish, anemone, sea grass, coral, and other colours found in the deep ocean depths. They can be used on acrylic or UV gel nails, and also can be paired with fiberglass enhancements to create many kinds of designs. They can be used on nail tips, or the entire surface, and are perfect for women of any age. The Crushed Shells Line is truly unique, and is offered with convenient shipping from eBay."