Salmon Pink Crushed Shells 10g Jar

Naio Nails

SKU: CS-02


Naio’s Crushed Shells line helps women, teenagers, and even younger girls create truly unique nail art designs that rock. One unique product from this line is the Salmon Pink Crushed Shells 10g jar. As the name suggests, this product comes in a bright colour only comparable to the colourof fresh salmon. It is bright and vivid, and will make any nail art design rock. The Crushed Shells line comes in a wide array of colours, and is available with convenient shipping from eBay. Another colour offered through this line is theMermaidCrushed Shells 10g jar. This product comes in a bright purple colour, and could easily be combined with the Salmon Pink Crushed Shells jar to create an individual look. A third colouroffered through the Naio Crushed Shells line is the Exotic Sands Crushed Shells Jar. This comes in a bright gold colour, and would be perfect for adding sparkle and texture to any nail art design. The product is offered in a 10 gram jar, which is the perfect size to create several nail art designs. The Crushed Shells line is able to be applied to acrylic nails, nails pained with UV gel, or even combined with fibreglass enhancements. This will create a design that pops, by giving it either a 3D appearance or a textured design. With such a large variety of colours to choose from, why pick just one? These coloursand others can be worn separately, or even mixed together. They can be applied to the whole nail, or even just the tips. With its original appearance, the Naio Crushed Shells line produces a unique look every time.