Pink Caddy - Matt Finish UV Gel 5ml

Naio Nails

SKU: AA-046


There is nothing to make your day feel better, to make you feel better or more put together and beautiful, than having your nails done. We offer a wide variety of gorgeous nail colours, and our Pink Caddy Matt UV Gel is no exception. This lovely, dark, dusky pink, matte UV Gel will bring colour to your nails and leave you feeling great about how you look, for up to two weeks once cured under a UV lamp. Wear this shade to a party, on a date night, or just to work on Monday. Whatever occasion you choose to wear it for, you will be left feeling great all day long because of the confidence having beautiful nails will give you. There is no better way to add to an outfit or to make you feel dressed up and pretty than getting your nails done with a gorgeous colour like our Pink Caddy.