Pink Anemone Crushed Shells 10g Jar

Naio Nails

SKU: CS-03


A 10g Jar of Pink Anemone Crushed Shells Nail Art is perfect for women of any age, ranging from early teenage years to women. . The Pink Anemone Crushed Shells is offered comes in a bright, vivid pink colour, which is comparable to the bright colours of sea anemones. This is offered in a ten gram jar, which can be used many different times to create nail art designs. The Naio Crushed Shells nail art line offers many other exciting colours. One of these colours is the Sunset Crushed Shells jar. This jar coms in a 10 gram size also, and is a bright reddish-orange. Another exciting colour is Salmon Pink Crushed Shells. This colour would be perfect for someone who wanted the pink colour, but not quite the brightness that is offered by the Pink Anemone Crushed Shells jar. The entire line is perfect for both natural nails painted with UV gel and acrylic nails. Additionally, fibreglass enhancements can be added to create a truly one-of-a-kind design. There are a wide array of styles that can be created using Naio Crushed Shells. There are several applications for Crushed Shells nail art. When placed only on the tips of the nails, they have a sophisticated pop. When placed over the entire nail, a fun, flirty, 3D effect is created. Crushed Shells give nails the appearance of 3D textured art. Let eBay connect you with reliable sellers and convenient shipping options to help you get your hands on Crushed Shells nail art today.