Neon Yellow - Intense Shimmer UV Gel 5ml

Naio Nails

SKU: AA-172


Naio Nails has an exquisitely wide range of Coloured UV Gels that has no competition. If you’re looking for that perfect colour for your occasion, style, or day’s mood, Naio Nails is your one-stop shop! Neon Yellow – Intense Shimmer UV Gel is a perfect example of the stunning colours that Naio Nails has to offer! This is a gorgeous, bright yellow that gives you the shimmer of sunshine wherever you go. It’s perfect for springtime, and would go beautifully with some bright sundresses. Pair it with some neutral tones, to jazz up an outfit. Feeling down? You won’t be with this Intense sunny shimmer! Keep that sunshine finish going strong for up to 2 weeks after curing it under a UV lamp.