Nail Stamping Plates -b013

Naio Nails

SKU: B013


Nail Art is a fun and exciting way to add some unique flare and express yourself through your nails. There are many ways to create great nail art, but none are easier than using the Naio Nail Stamping Plates. Nail art for beginners, or for professional nail technicians has never been more accessible! Each of our nail stamp plates contains a number of unique designs that can be applied to your nail. Spice things up and try a different design on each nail, or create a beautiful set of nails containing your favourite design. Our nail art plates are easy and quick to use. Simply apply for your desired acrylic nail art paint, or Nail Polish to your chosen design on the Stamping Plate, scrape the excess from the plate and then use the Nail Art Stamping Pad to pick up the design and apply to the nail. Remove protective plastic coating on the stamping plate before use.