Nail Brightener 6ml

Naio Nails



Nails can look dull, discoloured and yellow, especially if they are not cared for or if they have been covered with nail enhancements such as acrylic or UV gel. Nail brightener is the perfect solution for clients who do not want to have their nails coated with nail polish, but want the appearance of healthier and brighter natural nails. It is an optical colour perfecter that can be painted onto natural nails and contains colour pigments that react with UV light to hide the appearance of stained, dull and yellowed nails. The Naio nail brightener helps to give a naturally healthy appearance to natural nails that may be colour damaged, and because of its matt finish, nail brightener can also be used on men as it does not appear that there is any product on the nails once it has dried. Clients with nicotine stained nails can also benefit from this matt finish nail brightener. The handy 6ml bottles are easy to carry for mobile technicians, and can also be re-sold to clients who want to keep their nails looking healthy between appointments. The Naio nail brighter comes in a professional quality bottle to add to the quality of your services.