Lemonade - Matte Glitter UV Gel 5ml

Naio Nails

SKU: AA-195


When Spring-time arrives we feel glad to see the tall yellow and white daffodils brightening our world once again. Yellow is a colour which brings feelings of cheer and hopefulness, lighting up everything we see, and it is used to represent rebirth and new life, such as at Easter time with its fluffy yellow chicks, colourful Easter eggs and Spring flowers. Summertime is a favourite time to have outdoor picnics and tea parties, where huge pitchers of sparkling homemade lemonade with ice is served, along with dainty cakes and sandwiches. These Summer days help us to feel warm and happy inside and you too can replicate these feelings when you wear our cheerful Lemonade Matte Glitter UV Gel, a really cool choice which brightens your nails with fresh daisy yellow and cute white spots. You can wear this Lemonade Matte Glitter UV Gel with many colours of clothing, make up and accessories; especially with creams, lime greens, some pinks and reds, purples and sky blue. This yellow shade is an excellent choice to compliment soft greys, giving a chic and elegant appearance. It is a great choice for wearing to social occasions such as parties, special dates and meals out with friends and family. It's a good choice to express your individuality and flair too! Once applied, this Lemonade Matte Glitter UV Gel will last for up to two weeks once cured under a UV lamp.