Impassioned Red - Glitter UV Gel

Naio Nails

SKU: AA-226


If you're a fan of a red manicure, chances are you've got a fiery personality and love to have fun. Red is often associated with being flirty and outgoing, and that's exactly what your manicure will say about you when you use Naio's Impassioned Red Glitter UV Gel. This bold shade of red has a bit of sweetness to it, which makes your manicure delicate and feminine while the colour stands out.The gold glitter in the polish also makes the polish visually appealing, and is perfect for a formal event or cocktail affair. Impassioned Red looks particularly great on medium and short nails. When you wear this colour on short nails, your manicure will look sophisticated enough to wear to the office. Yet, you can easily change into a more daring outfit for a night out with friends and still have the perfect manicure which shows of the energetic fiery side of your personality. The UV Gel stays on for weeks, so you can wear your red manicure with confidence no matter where you go, and the glitter in the polish is sure to turn heads.