Holographic Glitter Gel Polish Collection

Naio Nails (UK)


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This collection contains 5 of our favourite Urban Graffiti Gel Polish colours that are perfect for holographic nails.

The collection may contain, but is not limited to the following colours:

  • Milan After Dark - UGGP-A0317
  • Glitz and Glam - UGGP-A0829
  • Glamour Girl - UGGP-A0831
  • Iris - UGGP-A0852
  • Broken Mirror - UGGP-A0854
  • Andromeda - UGGP-A0919
  • Glitter Girl - UGGP-A0938
  • The Grape Beyond - UGGP-A0940
  • Mystic Meg - UGGP-A0942
  • Silversurfer - UGGP-XS003

The collection may vary depending on stock levels, but will always contain 5 different polishes.

The photos shown may not be included in the selection you receive.