Fine Detail Nail Art Brush Size 2

Naio Nails



Intricate nail art designs using nail polish and acrylic paints requires a steady hand and the correct tool kit in order to create a professional and neat finish to the design. The Naio dotting and striping brush is just the tool for the job to create very fine lines and dots on your nail art designs. It allows you to create finely detailed designs and is the perfect addition to your brush set to offer a full service to your clients. Naio also offers a wide range of nail art products including coloured acrylic powders, coloured nail tips, crushed shells, nail art canes, rhinestones, glitter, gold leaf transfers and much more. You can also buy a set of 15 nail art brushes from Naio to complete your nail art kit. The brushes can be used with specialist nail art paint, or simply with nail polish for funky, modern designs. To ensure that you keep your brush clean and soft, you can also purchase Naio conditioning brush cleaner at low cost to avoid the hassle of buying new brushes on a regular basis.