Every Cloud - Pearlescent Gel 5ml

Naio Nails

SKU: AA-179


If you love to spend quality time just watching the clouds move across the sky, then you will notice how calming and relaxing this experience can be. Sometimes whilst watching on a warm Summer's day those clouds will appear fluffy and soft against a clear blue sky, just moving slowly in a gentle breeze, but sometimes the mood and look will change dramatically as the sky and clouds become darker and more dramatic. Here at Naio we have created a chic nail gel called Every Cloud which appears pearlescent once applied. When you wear it you will be reminded of occasions such as observing those magnificent creamy grey skies and how just a touch of silver lit up the clouds' edges. Its swirls of creamy grey will give your nails a professional looking finish with silver overtones that will look fabulous with many choice of outfits, make up and accessories. Its stylish and smooth finish ensures that you can wear it confidently, it is definitely a good choice for party and celebration wear but can be worn for formal occasions, such as for an interview too, as it is suitably chic and elegant. Once successfully applied, this pearlescent Every Cloud UV nail gel will last for at least two weeks once it has been cured under a UV lamp.