Electric Blue - Feather Effect UV Gel

Naio Nails

SKU: AA-206


Did you know that blue relays wisdom, and that it directly relates to a higher level of intelligence, self-expression and the unique ability to communicate your desires? Oh my! This Electric Blue - Feather Effect UV Gel will instantly blast out a great vibe as well as relax your fellow nail admirers. You will feel refreshed, confident and wise while wearing the vibrant Electric Blue - Feather Effect UV Gel 5ml. Not only is Electric Blue beautiful, but the finish can last up to 2 weeks once it is cured under the UV lamp! The new UV nail technology far surpasses anything we have seen before and now you can flaunt those beautiful nails with style. Electric Blue can be worn for any occasion from work environments to a swanky restaurant or even the gym, it is that versatile.