Clear Acrylic Polymer (Powder) 7g

Naio Nails



Clear acrylic powder is the perfect way to create natural looking nails for a more sophisticated look. It is also the perfect way to create funky designs by using coloured nail tips as a base with a coating of clear acrylic over the top. Clear acrylic powder is also a fashionable way to create a natural looking base to the nails that you can then apply nail art over the top for a glam look and feel. It can also be used when you want to add creative nail art pieces into the acrylic before it sets. This clear acrylic powder comes in a 7 gram pot, which is ideal for mobile nail technicians to carry in their nail kit. The clear acrylic powder from Naio can be used with any Naio acrylic liquid, and it is a translucent powder so it can be used over white or coloured tips to create a crisp, neat and tidy look to the nails. Naio offer a range of other acrylic powder colours which can be used for nail art, so why not check them out? You can choose from orange, purple, brown, green, white, mint, lemon, lilac, black, light orange, sky blue, red, yellow, and bold blue. You can also obtain white and clear acrylic powders for natural looking nails. 7g Acrylic Powder Supplied, other items pictured not included.