Box of 100 Peach Nail Tips

Naio Nails

SKU: CT-107-100
100 Box / Peach


Peach nail tips are a popular product for summer nails. This girly colour is very trendy, and with peach being a colour seen regularly on the catwalk, many women are seeking it out for their nails. There are also various other coloured nail tips available from Naio. Each pack of coloured nail tips contains 100 nails, and there are 10 sizes in each pack. To apply the tips, simply use Naio nail glue and stick to the free edge of the nail after proper preparation of the nail. There are other products available for nail tips including the Naio nail tip blender, nail files, nail glue, and chrome nail tip cutters for a clean cut. When the tips require removal, you can easily do this by soaking the tips in acetone nail tip remover, which is available from Naio in a 1 litre bottle. Peach nail tips make a great background for imaginative nail art designs, such as sunset scenes. The tips are very low cost, so you can make bigger profits on your nail technician services. You can also buy various nail art products such as glitter, crushed shells, Nail Art canes and gold and silver leaf to create unique designs.