Box of 100 Baby Pink Nail Tips

Naio Nails

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Coloured nail tips are becoming more popular with clients, as they strive to find more modern and unique nails. Simply apply clear acrylic liquid as an overlay to create the illusion of brightly coloured nail tips. These baby pink nail tips allow you to create a truly unique and funky set of nail enhancements with easy and simplicity. The pack consists of 100 baby pink coloured nail tips. The pack contains ten different tip sizes and the tips are flexible to fit a variety of nail shapes. They are very simple and easy to apply. The tips come in a square finish shape, however the soft plastic allows for the tips to be shaped to your client’s preferred nail shape allowing you to offer a flexible service. The baby pink coloured nail tips bond well with Naio nail glue, so that you can apply acrylic or UV gel easily over the top for a smooth and even finish. When applying, ensure that the nail itself has been prepared for a long lasting bond, and that the edges are blended for a professional finish. For easy blending, also try the Naio nail tip blender liquid which helps to make nail blending easier and more professional.