Birds & Bees - Feather Effect UV Gel

Naio Nails

SKU: AA-207


We have created a special and individual Feather Effect UV Gel called Birds & Bees, which is interesting to wear and to be seen in too! It has a light cream background which is flecked with golden yellow and orange striped glitter, with just a hint of silver sparkle enhancing the overall finished look. The many golden and orange stripes may remind you of the soft light feathers of new born chicks, or perhaps those fuzzy yellow golden stripes which sit well alongside the black ones of the attractive honeybees which work so hard at collecting pollen from the many Summer time flowers to take back to store in their honeycombs. The yellow and orange stripes give a unique look to this Feather Effect UV Gel as many nail gels often have a more uniform colour or add specks of coloured glitter sparkles, which certainly makes these gels a great choice for wear, but this innovative Birds and Bees gel is just that little bit different. This Birds a& Bees Feather Effect UV Gel is modern, cool and stylish and can be worn for many social occasions and events, such as for fun parties, meetings and dinner with friends or for an important date where you want to impress your individual personality upon your date! It gives a slight sparkle finish which is durable and once applied correctly this Birds and Bees Feather Effect UV Gel will last for up to two weeks once cured under a UV lamp.