8g Brush-on Nail Glue

Naio Nails

SKU: 34800


Naio nail adhesive is a strong adhesive for acrylic nails and it should be on every nail technician’s list. Everyone who has their nails manicured, desperately protects their manicures from displaced nails. Adhesives that last through typing, dish washing and children are what most women desire in a nail adhesive. This is the nail product that will assure that a manicure has been successful. With strong quick action Naio wholesale nail glue is a fast acting nail glue for the most active women. Be sure to use a small amount during the application of this nail product. This nail adhesive firmly grips to the surface of the nail bed so that nails will stay right where they are applied. Having an active client list is great but when they are disappointed in your work they will go elsewhere. Keeping your active client list happy is important and your tools should be the extension of your work. Having the right tools will impress your clientele and keep your business running smoothly. Do you run a shop? This is a must have for all your nail technicians and buying in bulk is cheaper for your budget. With this great product on hand you can keep all your shop clientele in great nails and the referrals will be the end result. For use with Acrylic, Gel or Fiberglass nails, this nail product is wonderful for all types of nail tips. This wholesale nail glue is a must for any nail technician. Having this whole sale nail glue will ensure that nail extensions stay firmly gripped to the surface of nails. For the active women on your client list this wholesale nail glue is a must. If you want to ensure that replacement calls are a thing of the past be sure and grab this great tool for your manicure station. This is one of the best nail adhesives on the market. Your clients will rave about the difference with this wholesale nail glue. Naio adhesive is available in 3g and 8g containers.It is also available for sale in bulk so if you wish to stock up be sure to get some today.