30ml Medium Speed Clear Acrylic Liquid Monomer

Naio Nails

Size:  30ml


Naio’s medium speed acrylic liquid is a great liquid for any level of expertise including student nail technicians, it evaporates at a slower speed to allowing more working time. This is especially popular for technicians working in warmer environments where an acrylic liquid with a faster setting speed may become problematic. It is also ideal for those wishing to use coloured nail art powders to create a gradient effect of colours on the nail, or those using glitters mixed in to the nail art powder as this often increases the setting speed of the powder. The liquid offers consistency, flexibility and very good adhesion to the natural nail (less lifting), it does not crack or split and most importantly it is a completely MMA FREE This acrylic liquid contains optical brighteners and UV stabilisers, which help to maintain clarity and prevent and protect against yellowing of the acrylic nail enhancements. This is especially important to those going on holiday or using sunbeds.