120ml High Speed Blue Acrylic Liquid

Naio Nails



High Speed Acrylic Liquid is the ideal product if you are looking for a quicker way of applying your nail extensions and catering for more clients, essential if you are doing just one or two nails as there is less time wasted sitting waiting for the acrylic nail application to cure fully before finishing. This acrylic liquid has a faster setting time to decrease your work time, Although it dries quicker, the Naio High Speed Acrylic Liquid still gives the flexibility, strength and adhesion, without cracking or splitting. As with all Naio Acrylic Liquids, It also contains optical brighteners as well as UV Stabilisers to help maintain clarity and prevent yellowing, essential if the nails are to look nice infill after infill. This product has been designed to used by experienced Nail Technicians due to the faster drying times. Student nail technicians, and trainee nail technicians on nail courses, may wish to use our Medium Speed Acrylic Liquid.