10 Wearable Finger Nail Soakers

Naio Nails



Wearable nail soakers to aid in the removal of artificial nails. They are long lasting and completely re-useable. These great little pods work quickly and efficiently in soaking off soak off soakind gel products as well as acrylic products (liquid and powder). For artificial nail removal. Trim excess nails and carefully pour acetone into the top of the clear container (for easy access, use a plastic dropper). Carefully insert the nail into the liquid chamber by gently twisting. To release any pressure when inserting the finger, squeeze to remove any excess air. Leave nails to soak for 5 – 10 mins. Once the acetone has melted the product, use a rotating motion to remove the product with the little scraper /tab built in to the inside of the finger soaker. This can also be used for nail and cuticle soaks and treatments.