Zone 2 & 3, How to apply acrylic over stress area and cuticle area.

This video tutorial covers the acrylic application on your zones 2 the stress area and zone 3 the cuticle area,  Getting this right can prevent lifting and breakages.

So in the last video, we covered zone 1, the free edge of the smile line. In this video, we are going to cover zone 2 and zone 3, the different applications and how you are going to hold your brush.

So, we're going to pick up our zone 2 bead, place it on, wipe your brush so you are not putting that excess liquid back in and can you see how my brush angle has come slightly higher? It's not flat down here, it's slightly higher and that's so when we press that bead out the back end of the bead is flatter than the middle section of the bead because that bead area is your stress point.

So onto the next one - is your zone 3. Again, place that bead on, take that liquid out of your brush. Bring your brush angle even higher so that the tip of that brush actually goes behind the bead. It doesn't stab into the bead, it goes behind the bead. And again, that way this area is going to be a lot thinner than this area. Now I'm just going to put a tiny little bit more there, so a really small bead, because you want it that same consistency, take that liquid out of your brush again. Get the tip of that brush behind that bead and bring it forward. Give that nail a few minutes and it will be ready for pinching.

So, we're going to place our pinching tool on now. Remember, depending on how you want you pinch it - if you're just wanting a loose pinch, it's down there, if you're wanting a tight pinch it's right up there - but I wouldn't recommend that, I'd probably leave that just for competitions, middle pinch is there.

Once that nail is pinched, we're going to file it and gel top-coat it and that's that nail done.