White Coloured Nail Art Products

This clean, sterile and hygienic colour is the basis to most people’s equipment. Naio offers a vast array of items including equipment, accessories and tips in this colour and all can be found in this section thanks to the shop by colour feature on the Naio site.
White tips are the basis of most nail enhancements and look fresh, clean and professional. Great for natural looking nails as well as being a great base to create your stunning nail art creations.  Great for weddings, engagement and Valentine’ Day inspired creations, it can also be used to ice or a winter theme to nails.
Equipment in white will give your business a professional look and will ensure your clients realise how important health and hygiene is to you. White has a fresh, clean appeal and just exudes professionalism.
White will go with absolutely any other colour, adding a frosty feel when using any of the nail art items on any nail tip colour, especially blue or pink. White nail art is great for Christmas parties.