Valentines Love Matt Effect Acrylic and Gel design

This video shows another very simple design that is great for valentines day. The nail extension is built from acrylic and then the design is in gel polish and UV gel with a matte effect created using acrylic powder over gel.

Hi, I'm kirsty meakin from naio nails In this video I'm going to show you how to do a really quick, simple design for valentines day. With a matte effect. For this valentines design I've already applied white on in the urban graffiti gel polish range. And I've also top coated it as well, just so I can do my design on top. I'm going to use some of the kiss me quick colour, which is a nice red. I am going to put it onto a bit of foil and use it as a nail art medium, so I'm going to paint with it. We're going to us a detail brush and we're going to paint this right at the cuticle. So you've got to be careful how close you get. Don't want to flood the cuticle, just get right up to it. And we're going to do a red moon. Just float over the product and get it into the position that you want it, so get it as neat as you can. We're going to cure that into the LED lamp for one minute. Then we'll do another coat of it, just to make that colour a little bit more rich. Going to seal it with mega gloss sealer gel. I need it all sealed before i do the next part. Pop that into the lamp. Now we're going to use the black gel and your detailing brush and you're going to write love up the side, just up the side. Then we're going to use the black powder. Going to make that love go matte.It's a real cool little trick. So you're going to sprinkle carefully the black acrylic powder onto the gel. And you want that to soak into the gel, what that will do is will make it matte. Tap off the excess. Take a look at it, give it a second. Check that it's all matte. If it's not matte, if there's still a little bit of shine, sprinkle over again and let that absorb into the gel. Tap off the excess. And then into the UV lamp we go, we're going to go in there for two and a half minutes. We're doing two and a half minutes because of the powder mixed with the gel, it will take a little bit longer to cure. So I'm going to remove the excess powder, dust that off now it's been in the lamp. Going to clean over with a little bit of gel residue wipe off solution. Just to make sure that it's nice and clean, and that there's no stickiness to it. Going to finish it off with a little bit of cuticle oil. It's a nice easy, quick valentines design, simple, but effective.