Valentines Heart and Bow Acrylic and Gel Polish design

This design shows how to create a valentines heart design with a matte effect gel bow. It is a simple design but is still very pretty and would be an ideal accent nail on any set.

Hi, I'm Kirsty Meakin from naio nails. In this video I'm going to show you a valentines design with a love heart and a cheeky little bow. So for this valentines design I'm starting off with an almond shaped nail. I've put a little bit of gel polish on here, we've got back to black and white on. I'm going to use a short detailing brush. Going to go into the black, straight on to the tip. And we're doing a love heart right on the tip of this nail. This is a design I've done for a few years now and it never seems to go out of fashion. It's great for valentines day. Now we need a couple of coats of black I'm making sure I've gone right round the edges so i know that it's capped. Pop that into the lamp and cure that for one minute. So I'm going to do the second coat now. It's going to make the black sharper by giving it that second coat. Make sure you pull through the gel to make it really smooth. And also it will give it an even distribution of product. Going to pop that into the lamp and cure for one minute. Now we're gonna use white on and a longer detailing brush. It's not quite a striping brush but that's what we're going to use it for. Going to draw some stripes on the heart. Then pop that into the lamp and cure that. And with the slightly shorter detailing brush I'm just going to neaten those tips up there slightly. And I'm also going to edge it in white, this just frames it, looking from one side to the other, it just really frames it giving it that edge there. You're just literally outlining. We're going to cure that in the lamp for one minute. Now we're going to draw across, straight across this nail. In the middle of the heart, with your white i want you to do little loops, if you're having a go. And the little tails. Going to put that into the lamp and cure that. Now we're going to top coat this and seal it all in with the mega gloss sealer. Going from the cuticle down. You could just leave it like that, but we're going to add a little bit more to it. So we're going to cure that in the lamp for a minute and then I'll show you what we're going to do Red gel, detailing brush, we're going to go over the bow that we've just done. And the reason I've done the white underneath is so the red is brighter. If you put white under any colour, it will go nice and bright. So you're going directly over the top of the bow. We want it to resemble a heart shaped, box of chocolates that's tied up with a bow. Then what we're going to do is we're going to use the pure red acrylic powder. Use your cuticle pusher as a little scoop. That'll stick to the red gel, the red hard gel. What we're trying to do is make that matte. What will happen is the gel will absorb the powder and start to appear matte, tap off the excess. Pop that into the lamp, cure that for two and a half minutes in the UV lamp. We're going to dust off the excess now. And then I'm just going to wipe over with a little bit of gel residue wipe off solution. You don't always have to wipe over but i like to make sure that there's no powder anywhere else on the nail. Then we're going to finish with a little bit of cuticle oil. That's really cute that one. That's all finished now.