Valentines Roses

This video shows a free hand painted rose design perfect for valentines day with a matte gel effect. Although these roses look intricate they are actually quite simple and easy to paint so are very doable even for beginners.

Hi, I'm kirsty meakin from naio nails, in this video I'm going to show you how to do a valentines design using roses and a matte effect. So for this valentines design we're going to start off by painting some roses around this top corner of the cuticle area. We're going to use a detailing brush for it and a paint. Just going to add a tiny bit of water to
the paint. Quite simple roses, simple shapes so they're really easy to do. Nice and quick for clients as well. Do another one here. And then one here. All you're doing to get
is thicker is pressing on harder, slightly harder and then lift the brush off the nail to get it really fine so you're basically using the very tip when you want it really fine. So that's the paint work done for this nail. We do need to top coat this now so we're going to put the mega gloss sealer on this. Just make sure all your paint's dry before you start to paint your top coat on and make sure you cover all your design. We're going to cure that in the LED lamp for one minute. So we're going to use the detailing brush, go into your gel and we're going to connect the roses with a vine that's made out of the gel. You're just using it a bit like paint and drawing it on, take your time and we'll just add a few little extra comma shapes, just for detail. Now what we're going to do is get the black acrylic powder, sprinkle that on top. And what the gel will start to do is absorb the acrylic powder and you want to keep doing this until the gel appears matte. So if you knock of the excess, then we'll have a look and see if it's all still matte or if it's still shiny, if it's still a little bit shiny you can pop a little bit more on. You'll need to angle the nail so you get all the angles of the gel. Be careful not to knock the design with the cuticle pusher. When you look at it i want you to give it a few seconds and just watch if it changes, sometimes it may change back to being a little bit shiny and i want it to be really matte. Knock off the excess and pop that into the UV lamp for two and a half minutes, popping it in for two and a half minutes because it's got the acrylic powder in there and it will take a little longer to set. So that's cured now, so what we're going to do is dust off the excess powder and then we're going to wipe over with some of the gel residue wipe off solution. That's just going to really clean up the nail and it will also get rid of any stickiness that could be there. So we'll finished this nail by popping a bit of cuticle oil on. Just get rid of that for you there as
well. So you've got your hand painting and then you've got your 3D, embossed effect as
well on there.Your little valentines design.