UV Gel Nail Nail Art Ripple Design Tutorial Video

For this nail we are going to do a gel ripple design. I have already made this base out of acrylic using a sculptured stiletto. So we are ready for our design. We are going to start by working with our white and start shaping these ripples. Wipe your brush and then using the tip of your brush blend the gel out slightly. So just with the tip of that brush and just on one side of your gel. That wants to go into the lamp just for 10 seconds. Take that back out. We are then going to carry on building this ripple up.Just by adding more white gel to the original part, not the bit that you have blended. Back under the lamp again for another 10-20 seconds. Again, same again. Back in. And then another once. And back in. That needs to stay under the lamp now for 3 minutes. So what you should end up with at the minute is higher sections of white and lower sections of white. Because what we are going to do is put a slightly transparent purple onto the whole nail now. And you are going to use this as your clear builder as if you would a clear builder. So a nice thin layer on the whole nail and then your builder layer. And that can go back under the lamp for 3 minutes. So you need to wipe that sticky residue off now and we're going to file this nail. What you should see happening is parts of the white really standing out because we are filing through the colour. Get rid of your dust. I am going to finish this design off with a little bit of hand-painting just to extend some of those ripples so just white block it so that is nice and smooth. And then give it a wipe as well so you can really see where those ripples are. Using a nice detailer brush, into your white. Just at the edge of the ripples extend them slightly with your brush. That way you will get a nice point on the end of them. Wait for that to dry and then you are ready for your gel top coat. Into your lamp for 2 minutes. So a little bit of cuticle oil will finish that nail off. That's your gel ripples done.