UV Gel Nail Marble Design Stiletto Nail

Here Gemma Lambert demonstrates how to create a beautiful stiletto nail design by adding a gel marble effect.

For this nail we are going to do a basic gel marble. The nail is already there, the structure is already built with an acrylic and it's already pinched into a stiletto. We are ready to put our gel on. We're going to do a base layer, a nice thin base layer of clear gel and this is so that when we marble we get a nice amount of movement, not too thick though. You're going to pick up a colour, place it on the nail and slide it as far as you can. You are keeping your brush at quite a high angle. Moving onto the next colour, and then I'm moving on to white. Then you are going to wipe your brush, and using the point of your brush you are going to run some lines through your design. Nice and wiggly, not too straight. Then that needs to set in the lamp for about twenty to thirty seconds.

We are going to add a little bit of glitter into this design now. You are going to do that by dipping into your clear gel, picking up your glitter and placing it wherever you feel it's needed, not too much because you want to be able to see the design underneath. Then that nail needs to go into the lamp for a full three minutes.

That nail has been in the lamp for three minutes so the colour is definitely nice and set. We are going to case it all now in clear gel, so a thin layer on everything, making sure that you don't touch that skin. And then a builder layer, running all the way down the nail and let it settle. Adding a little bit more here where my stress point is. Checking it from the side angle I can see that I have a little dip here, so just use the point of your brush to pull that dip out and that's nice and level now so it can go into the lamp for three minutes.

We need to take the sticky residue off this nail now. Don't forget: wipe, turn over, wipe - don't keep rubbing. This nail is ready for filing. Again, gel nails don't take anywhere near as much filing as acrylic nails so don't be working too hard with your filing, nice and soft. Check your stress point. Get rid of your dust and is now ready for the gel top coat.

That needs to go into the lamp for two minutes. To finish this nail off, a little but of cuticle oil and massage it in, and that's the gel marble design done.