Superfine nail art glitter dust is approx. a tenth of a millimeter (0.1mm) in dia and the smallest glitter size stocked by Naio Nails.

Nail polish:
This glitter and is perfect for creating an intense full cover nail polish effect with no gaps by dipping into the glitter over wet nail polish or clear top coat or if you want it just over the free edge for a super sparkly french nail effect it great for that too as it covers even the darker shades of nail polish, apply your favourite shade of polish and allow to dry then apply a little top coat the the free edge where you want the glitter to stick and gently dip your finger into the pot of glitter allow to dry fully the dust of the excess glitter. Not suitable for mixing into Nail polish.

Custom Acrylic Powder / Gel Mix
Add 1/10 of glitter into dry acrylic powder/Gel , try combining different shades/sizes of glitter and different colours of acrylic powder to find your perfect match.

Only want enough to create a single design? you can pick up your glitter with a tiny bead of acrylic or gel and apply it straight on to the nail then capped with clear acrylic powder.