Stiletto UV Gel Nail Design with One-Stroke Painting

This video demonstration shows you how to paint free hand nail art flowers onto a nail and how to make those flowers look 3D with UV gel.

I'm going to do another gel design on this nail. We've already built the base up with acrylic so we're ready for the gel to go straight on. We're going to do quite a simple design underneath because we're going to do some had-painted on top and then I'm going to show you how to make the hand-painted look 3D. So we're starting off with this cover pink, I'm not making a set smile line. I'm just quite randomly placing these colours on, letting them merge into each other. Then we're going to add a little bit of Cracked Ice. Just dip your brush - because your brush is still quite sticky from the gel - into the Cracked Ice, and place it on the nail. If you want to merge your colours in any more you can, and then that nail needs to go into the lamp for about twenty seconds to set.

We're just going to check if this nail needs any more glitter anywhere. The gel will still be sticky so you'll still be able to apply a bit more. Then you can start to add extra layers of your colours. These layers will be quite bold because they are going on top. I am using mine to draw with, so really small amounts, tip of your brush, and then that can go into the lamp for a full three minutes.

So, we can encase this whole nail now in our clear gel, just a thin coat over everything. Make sure you get all the way around those glitters, nice and close to the cuticle but make sure you don't touch. Then we can put our builder layer on. Point of your brush to move it. We're going to have to do a little more work on this one than on some of the previous designs because all the glitter is there, it's a case of making sure all the glitter gets encased.

So, because we've spent time making sure all that glitter is covered, you will lose your structure a little bit, so if you get your model to turn her hand upside-down, what that will do is gravity will pull that gel to the centre of the nail because it is self-leveling, so then when we turn it back over it will level back out before we put it in the lamp. Check your stress point on your nail to see if it's in the right place if it isn't, use the tip of your brush to pull it and that nail can go back into the lamp for three minutes.

This nail now needs the residue wiping off the top. Place your wipe on, wipe forward, turn the wipe over and wipe again. We're going to file this nail. It will need a little bit more filing, just because of that glitter, if there's any little bits of Cracked Ice stood up then you'll just need to file them smoother. Again, gel is a lot softer to file so there's no need for so much pressure. Check your stress point, and like I say we are going to do some hand painting on this nail so you need your surface to be smooth - use your white block. Then you can get rid of your dust.

We are going to do some one-stroke flowers. Load your paint up. Blend it on your skin. What I am going to do is use the bits of Cracked Ice as the centre of the flower. Then we are going to use our detailer brush to highlight those petals. So, a bit of water into your black, so it's nice and thin. Brush up at a nice ninety degree angle. Still with our black,  we are going to do some little buds, so coming away from our flower, nice and thin and then press down. Moving on to your white. Do some little dots inside the flower but leaving a gap in the middle so you can still see the Cracked Ice. Then when the gel top coat goes on you'll really be able to see that.

So the next stage is to get your clear gel, and your going to pick up small beads of clear gel and place them onto the petals, so the petals look almost 3D. Working round the shape of those petals, not filling the whole flower in, just the petals. And because you're working on a dry surface and there's no wet later under there, that gel will stay where you put it. That can go into the lamp for one minute.

So this nail is now ready for a gel top coat and back into the lamp for two minutes. To finish this nail off, a bit of cuticle oil and massage it in.

And that's that gel nail done.