Snakeskin acrylic nail art using netting

This venomous nail design is created by using netting to enhance a snakeskin acrylic nail design effect. Experiment with different Naio coloured products to create your own effect.

Hi, my name is Gemma Lambert, I'm twelve times UK Nail Champion, International Competition technician of the Year 2009 and an international nail judge. I'm here at Stockton Riverside College with Naio Nails to do some step-by-step tutorials on how to do new designs. The next design is a snake skin design, using acrylic. This nail has already been prepped, tipped and primed, so we're ready to apply the acrylic. 

We're using two different colours for the base design: a gold and a cream. Placing the colours on, quite randomly, nice and thin, nice and wet. The next step is to cap the whole nail in clear acrylic. Applying the clear acrylic has to quite fast and a bit thicker than what you would normally so that when you press the netting in it's got something to go into. Get hold of your netting, firmly get hold of your client's nail and press the netting into the acrylic. You can then go onto pinching your nail - while the netting is still in. Once that nail has set, remove your pincher and slowly tease out the netting. Once you've got the netting out, you're then going to fill in the indentation with black. When you apply your black, keep it nice and wet and apply it a little bit more like paint. That way it fits into the grooves. Let that set a bit and this nail is ready to file. Be careful not to file too much because you could easily take off your print. This nail is now ready for dusting and putting your gel top coat on. Pop your client in the lamp for two minutes. To finish this nail off, apply a small amount of cuticle oil and massage in.