Sizing up and applying a nail tip, Nail video tutorials

How to choose the correct nail tip sizing for the best results.

For this video I'm showing you how to size up and apply a nail tip so that you don't get any air bubbles and so that the tip fits from sidewall to sidewall.

The next stage is to measure and size up your tip and apply it. We're going to be using non-blending tips. You don't need to blend these tips, you can just apply them onto your nail and go straight on with your acrylic. 

When sizing up your tip, make sure that you check it from side wall to side wall, most nail technicians just tend to do this and the nail may look like it fits but if checked from side wall to side wall it probably doesn't. So really make sure that you put that side of that tip right into that side wall roll it over to the other side and see if it fits. You need to decide where, on this nail this tip is going to go. If you place it down here there will be too much tip and not enough acrylic and acrylic is where your strength is. The tip needs to just go right on that free edge.

If you want to extend the nail bed you can actually bring the tip as if its nearly coming off the nail and then extend your nail bed using your cover pinks. So we're ready to apply this tip now. We're going to use Naio nails Brush-on Glue on this tip, just a small amount, in that well area of your tip. Come down at a slight angle until you see that resin touch the nail and then press down. QYou're mainly concentrating on getting the centre of the tip applied. Don't worry about the sides just yet, hold it there for few seconds and then use your nail or your fingers to press down the side wings.

Now that tip is applied, we're ready for cutting. Get your client to lift their hand up slightly so that you can get the tip cutters underneath firmly. Measure the tip up, squeeze the tip cutter slightly so that it takes the bite, then you can ask your client of that's okay. You can get hold of the other end of the tip and cut at the same time so that that spare bit of tip doesn't go flying.

Now because these are non-blending tips we don't have to file on top of this nail extension now. If you were using gel you do need to because gel will not stick to a shiny surface, acrylic will. So we can put our prep and prime on now and not have to file this extension.

We're going to prepare the nail with Naio Nails Nail Prep which is going to dehydrate and cleanse the nail and it's also going to change it to a pH balance of neutral so its nice and clean and dry. The next stage is Naio Nails Primer again on the natural nails only, no need to put it on the extension, which is going to change the pH balance of the nail to acidic to match the acrylic, which will make it stick better.

That nail is now prepped and ready for the acrylic.