Napkin Acrylic Nail Art

This video shows how you can create a truly unique design using something as simple as a napkin.

This next nail that we're going to do is an encapsulated napkin design. You can use any napkins that you can find. All you have to do is take the extra layers away so that you've just got the design layer left. Rip a little bit off that you want - don't cut it because you don't want sharp edges, you want nice, rough, ripped edges. So then that's the piece we're going to use. This nail has already been tipped, prepped and primed so if you're not sure about that step then take a look back at those videos now.

We're going to start off by applying a small amount of pink acrylic, quite a wet layer, to the nail wherever you're going to put the napkin - nice and wet. Then you can place the napkin on and use your brush to press it down. Then we're going to use a selection of colours to finish this design off. So, a little bit like the marbleizing technique that we did - place it on nice and wet it's just a very thin layer of colour. Just along the edge where you've ripped. Put a little bit of glitter so you can't see your client's natural nail or any of the tip join.

Then we're going to cap this whole nail in pink acrylic. Don't forget to tilt your client's nail down when you're doing your zone three, so that your acrylic doesn't run back into the cuticle and it's much easier then to get your brush behind it. With this design it is quite hard to see the edge of the nail, so make sure you put an extra little bit on the edge to make sure you've got enough acrylic on there. We're going to let that nail set and then we are ready for pinching.
Place your pinching tool on and leave it there for a few minutes. Take your pinching tool off now.

This excess tissue, just pull it away and this nail is ready for filing. The tissue is nice and thin so it will just file off. We're going to do a little bit of hand-painting on this nail so we need to smooth the surface. Just use your white block for that.
Get rid of your dust.
So, using a nice fine, detailer brush, add a little water to your black paint so that you get more movement out of it. Find any lines that are already there created by the napkin and highlight them with your black paint. Then the thicker areas of black you are just going to put some white dots into. Let that paint dry and then this nail is ready for gel top coat. Get your client to place the finger into the lamp for two minutes.

That nail is now set and we are going to finish it off with a bit of cuticle oil and massage it in.
That's an encapsulated napkin nail done.