Infill an Acrylic Nail Tutorial Video

After 2 - 3 weeks, the regrowth of the natural nail will begin to become more noticeable, the acrylic nail may also have a small amount of lifting. This acrylic nail video tutorial covers realignment, infill and reshape to retain the acrylic nails strength and appearance you will need to fill in this regrowth.

The next nail we're going to do is an infill.

This client's had this nail on for two weeks. You could normally go two to three weeks depending on how good your client is at looking after her nails.

So, what you're looking for when you're doing an infill is the difference between the colour of the nail bed and the colour of the lifted acrylic. Which is right there, there's not a lot down this side, it's more that there's a small piece there but that's where we would need to concentrate. So we're going to start off by taking the length down and filing the nail just a little bit thinner before we start your infill and we're going to use an electric file for that.

Okay, so what you need to do is take a look at where the lifting is and file just before it. Don't file on the lifting because that can create a groove in the natural nail: file just before it. Use your thumb as a guard against filing the cuticle and the client's natural nail and keep moving, don't stay in the same place because that can heat up. When you can see that that lifting is starting to break through. Be nice and gentle with that file so again you're not causing a groove in that natural nail, nice, small, light strokes, and what you'll be able to see is that piece of lifting will just come straight off. Again, use your finger as a guard for the other side and keep curving that file round, if you work too straight you can cut into your client's skin. Now check your shape and your thickness, remove all your dust and make sure you go underneath as well. Don't forget to trap your dust into your towel so that when you apply your acrylic it's not going to go onto your nail. We need to dehydrate the new nail so just natural nail, no need to put it on to the acrylic and we're also going to prime the new nail. We're going to use pink acrylic and all we're doing is filling in zone three. So just one small bead don't forget to tilt your client's nail down so it doesn't rush back into the cuticle. Then we're going to let that acrylic set and then we're ready to file. So this acrylic is now set so we can file it. Because we've only really applied acrylic down to zone three, we only need to file down there and then just buff over the rest to make sure it's blended in. Remove all your dust and then apply your gel top coat. Then you can get your client to put that nail into the lamp for two minutes. 
This nail is now set and we are just going to apply a little bit of cuticle oil to finish off and give it a little massage in and that's that nail done.