How to Prepare the nail for acrylic application. Nail Video Tutorial.

This video covers the most important step in nail application; how to prepare the natural nail. Poor nail preparation is a common cause of lifting problems.  How to safely prepare the natural nail prior to the application of nail tips, nail forms, acrylic nails or gel nails

Hi, my name is Gemma Lambert, I'm here at Butterflies hair and beauty studio in Doncaster with Naio Nails. We're going to do some step by step tutorials on how to do nails. Today we're going start with the prep procedure so that you know exactly how to prep and how thorough you need to be. You need to start by sanitising your own hands and those of your model. Today we're going to use a sanitising gel. "Just rub that through your hands please". If your model has got any nail polish on, you do need to remove it with nail polish remover now, but this model hasn't so we can start straight away with our cuticle work.

I'm going to use a metal cuticle pusher. There is a round end and a straight end, you're going to start with the round end. Pushing that cuticle back nice and firm but keeping that tool nice and flat to the nail. If you bring it up too high you can actually cause damage to the nail plate bring it nice and low. You're now going to turn the tool round and use the sharp end to scrape away any excess cuticle off the nail plate. Make sure that you concentrate on those side walls. If any acrylic goes into that excess cuticle, it will lift, Don't forget if you've got any excess cuticle around this area you are going to need to have to trim it. Try not to trim it too much because you can make it bleed, so ever so lightly just use your cuticle nippers to trim off any excess. The next stage is to file this natural nail. Now if you use anything under a 150 grit file, you could cause a bit of damage, so stick to 180 more than a 150. Still keep it nice and gentle though, there is enough grit in your file to do the work, you don't have to really go at it with the strength of your hand, keep it nice and relaxed. Again concentrating on your cuticle area and those side walls because that's where you get lifting. Really pull the side walls back of your client so you can get your file right down. The next stage is to file the free edge, we don't need to do it to much because we're going to be using non-blending tips. So we don't need to take that free edge down, all it's to do is just to tidy it up. One direction only because we are filing on natural nail. Next we need to remove the dust so that it doesn't get trapped under our nail extension. Using a good firm manicure brush is good for this and that is your prep done.