How to Blend Natural Nail Tips, Nail Video Tutorial

Naio Nails - Non-Blending nail tips don't require any blending but most other brands do, so this video covers how to blend a natural nail tip, just in case you need it.

On this video we are going to cover tip blending. I use Naio Nails - Non-Blending tips so I don't tend to blend very often, but I'm going to show it to you anyway just in case you feel the need to.

Take the shine off the whole nail by keeping your file nice and flat to that tip. You'll notice I'm not actually touching the client's nail bed at all when I'm doing this because I'm keeping the file nice and flat. The you're going to start to concentrate on that line by filing down towards it, but again I'm still not touching the clients nail bed. Keep moving, don't stay in the same place because that heat will build up and it will be uncomfortable for the client. You can see that this side now is virtually blended in, so we're going to concentrate on the centre and the right-hand side now. Again, I'm still not filing on the clients natural nail bed. So, just the centre-left, and filing just before it. Then to make sure that that tip is full blended you can go over with your white block and if this goes onto the clients natural nail it's ok, it's not going to do any damage. Then make sure you get rid of your dust and that's that tip blended.