Geometric Design Matte Effect

This video shows a full design across a whole hand using gel and acrylic to create a matte effect. The design is a geometric style design.

Hi, I'm Kirsty Meakin from Naio nails, in this video I'm going to show you how to do a geometric design matte effect. So we're going to do a geometric design using gel and also acrylic powder, it will give you a matte effect as well. So first we're going to start with using the ice white gel. You're going to need a detailing brush. You're literally going to draw with this product and i want you to draw some geometric shapes, so you've got like triangles, anything with a hard line to it. I want you to follow up the sides, but you still need to leave this gap in between. So you can see the black coming through. You want to keep the sides nice and straight, just literally filling in the center of this shape.Just tease it down and over. So it doesn't matter what, where you place them, it can be really random, as long as they've got straight sides, they don't touch each other, and you can see that black coming through, it'll look cool. So I've already applied back to black on this nail. And I've also top coated it with mega gloss. So there's no sticky layer on the surface of this nail. I'll do a tiny little one here. And again not letting the shapes touch. And then we're going to get the pure white acrylic powder. We're going to use a cuticle pusher as a little spoon, Going to go into the powder, let that just sprinkle over the top of the gel. Let it sink into the gel, this is going to give it a matte effect, so it's going to be embossed cos' it's raised. But it'll be matte as well. And I'm just going to tap the finger. Get rid of any excess and then you want to just check and make sure that there's no shiny parts to the gel. So that's all looking matte. So what we're going to do now is put that into the UV lamp, we're going to put it in for an extra 30 seconds, So instead of two minutes we're going to put it in for two and a half minutes. They've been in the lamp for two and a half minutes, just going to dust off the excess powder. You can see you've still got your shiny gel polish under there still. And I've done this one as well, I've done a full nail on this one. Then what we're going to do is wipe over and we're going to wipe over with some gel residue wipe off solution. Just to make sure there's no stickiness anywhere on that. It'll wipe off some of the particles of acrylic from the nail Now what we're going to do on the other ones, we're going to do a similar kind of thing but we're going to use some different powders. And I'm going to keep it really simple, there's only going to be a few shapes on this one. Don't forget, keep the sides nice and straight. Now we're going to use diamonds are forever. Just let it fall and tap it to get rid of the excess. You couldn't leave it like that and put it in the lamp because the light would not get to the gel, so you've got to tap off as much excess as you can, so you can see the embossed work there. And that can go in the lamp for two and a half minutes as well. So that's cured. We're going to dust off the excess. You can see that some of the particles are left on the white there so we're going to wipe over with the gel residue wipe off solution to just clean that up nice. And then what we're going to do on this one, we're just going to apply some stones. So this will finish off this simple design. Using the mega gloss sealer gel, we're going to adhere these to the nail. Because it's slightly thicker it's awesome for putting stones on. So just bob a little bit where you want to put the stones. Going to do the same on this one. Same on here, going to use some black and silver on this one. You only need a little tiny bit of the gel. Make sure your stones are in place before you put them in the lamp. Cos' they may tend to slide a little bit. Check your stones. When your happy, that they're where you want them, you can put them straight into the lamp and cure that for two minutes in a UV or one minute in LED. So they're cured so they're all secure now. you don't need to go over the top of them with any gel polish or top coat or anything. They're nice and secure sat in the mega gloss sealer gel. All we need to do now is pop a bit of cuticle oil on, so we've got the coconut one here. Just pop that round the cuticle. And that's that design completely finished.