Gel Polish

  • Gently buff over the surface of the natural nail with a white block, and brush away any excess dust.
  • Brush on Nail Prep Dehydrator liberally over the entire nail plate.
  • Apply a thin, even layer of Base / Top to the entire surface of the prepared nail and cure under a UV or LED lamp.
  • Apply 1 to 2 even layers of this Gel Polish Colour, curing for 2 minutes each time, darker shades may take a little longer to cure, even when fully cured there will be a slightly sticky residue this can easily be wiped away with Naio Nails' Gel Residue Remover.
    • It is normal for a small amount of the colour to be seen on the wipe when removing the residue especially with darker colours so ensure you wipe away from the finger to avoid any staining around the cuticles.
    • If using one of the Urban Graffiti Colour Changing Gel Polishes you will need to wipe away the sticky residue after each cure, if it is a glitter or regular colour removing the residue between each cure is not necessary.
  • Apply a final coat of Urban Graffiti Base / Top Coat ensuring you apply over the entire surface of the colour, especially the free edge and cure one last time and wipe away the sticky residual layer.