Flower Garland 3D Acrylic Nail Art

In this Video Gemma Lambert and Naio Nails show us how to create a 3D garland flower look for acrylic nails. The flower is beautifully designed and creates a lasting, eye-catching 3D effect.

For this we're going to do a 3D flower again, but we're going to be doing a garland that will come down the nail into a full design. And that way you can actually start picking up two beads at once. You're going to place that first bead on and then you're going to go and pick up another one. The only thing is is that this bead cannot touch the last one because it will add liquid to it. So we're going to make our flower here and the garland is going to come up here. When you get really practiced at doing 3D you will be able to pick up three/four beads at a time and play with them, all at once, but just start off with two. So, again, test that bead see if it's ready, if it bounces back at you it's not ready. Once those beads have been molded, then you can place beads next to them. Test the bead, see if it's ready.

I'm going to add some leaves to this design. Remember with the leaves to get the points in before the bead starts to set. Press that leaf out like a petal then use your metal tool to press your veins in. Centre bead for the flower. And then if you want to do some little centre beads coming off just to join it all together, you can. Remember the centre bead, nice ninety degree angle, turn it in to a doughnut then press those sides out. And that's our flower garland done.