Correct Acrylic Application (Zone 1) Free Edge and Smile Line Tutorial Video

In this video Gemma Lambert answers your french application and smile line concerns. Find out what beginners tend to do and how to correct it.

In this video we're going to show you some trouble shooting on your french application - your white application. I'm going to show you what a lot of beginners tend to do and how to correct it.

So we're picking up a bead of white and placing it on the nail. Now, the idea is that you keep your brush angle nice and flat, but what you see a lot of beginners doing is lifting it up like this and stabbing into the white or trying to brush it out. As you can see that just creates a bit of a mess. So I'm going to take this off now and show you how to do it correctly.

So, I'm going to pick up another bead. One of my best suggestions for you when you're doing your french is to take that liquid out of the back of the bead so that the consistency of your white is better. Can you see how it stays there now? Wipe your brush so you're not putting any excess liquid in and then keep your brush nice and flat. You're still using the tip of the brush to move the white, but the whole belly of the brush as well, is pressing the rest of the product around. Nice and slow, there's no rush. Now, you're gently going to pull it back, keeping that brush angle nice and flat at all times. You're then going to come in and tidy up your smile line, sweeping, don't stab - sweep. That will make a much smoother smile line if you sweep rather than stab. Then you're going to come in with the belly of your brush, which is this part of the brush, and flatten the whole of the white down, nice firm presses. So I'm just pressing that with the side of my brush now, just to make sure it's all even. It's not stabbing, it's just pressing, nice and firm, and that's the French nail done.