Colour Blend with 3D Fruit Acrylic Nail Design Tutorial Video

Get ready for summer with this colour blend acrylic nail design, topped with a 3D effect of summer fruits. Gemma Lambert guides you through creating this fabulous acrylic nail design in this tutorial video.  

So for this nail we're going to create a basic colour blend, then we're going to add some 3D fruit on top. This nail has already been prepared so we're ready to start. I'm going to get rid of that edge from the tip by applying just a small amount of pink acrylic and blending over so that we've got a nice smooth surface to work with. And work with our green, right on the tip, blending it down. Then on to our red, the reason I'm doing red here is because that is where the client's natural smile line is, and it covers it the most because it's the most bright colour. Blend it up and down and then into the orange.
I'm going to go over the whole nail with an iridescent glitter and then cap the whole nail as well. Let that nail set for a little bit before you're ready for pinching. Place your pinching tool on now and leave it there for a few minutes. So, you can take your pinching tool off now and then we're ready for filing. We're going to do a little bit of hand-painting on this nail just before we put on our 3D fruit. So we're just going to use the white block to smooth it. The fruit is going to sit here in the top corner, so we're just going to do some vines coming away from that fruit. Then that nail is ready for gel top coat. Get your client to put that finger under the lamp for two minutes.
I'm now going to do some 3D apples on this nail. You're going to pick up a bead of green and dip it into the red, then place it onto the towel so it starts polymerizing there rather than on the nail and sinking. Then you can pick it up and place it on to the nail and let it start setting on there. Same again. You can use the point of your brush to dint in to the apple. Just going to leave that one to set a little bit longer, it's still a bit shiny to be dinting in to it. We're going to add some leaves to this design so I'm going in to my yellow and then into my green. Use your metal tool to press your veins in your leaves. Now put your little black stalks into your apples, and to make sure those little black stalk paints don't come off. You're then going to coat your apples with your brush-on glue so that they're nice and shiny. Don't use a gel top coat to do that because you will lose the definition of the apples. If you use brush-on glue or brush-on resin it will sink in to them and you'll still get that 3D effect. Wait for that glue to dry a little bit and then you can finish off with a little bit of cuticle oil and that's the nail done.