Christmas Design - Bauble and Bow acrylic nails

This series of videos shows how to make an elaborate christmas bauble and bow design using acrylic products.

Hi, I'm Kirsty Meakin from Naio nails, in this video I'm going to show you how to create some gel baubles and an acrylic christmas bow. So for the pipe shape, I've already prepped the nail, took the form off and put the tab on the back. Now we're going to match this, so if you look this doesn't match at all, the smile line doesn't match, we're going to cut this out. So her natural smile line doesn't match the smile line of the sculpting form, so we're going to trim that so it matches better and fits better. Now you need a nice sharp pair of scissors for this. Right, ok, so we're going to do a pipe shape which if i described it is kind of like a slightly tapered square and it has a sloped profile. Just checking the snug fit. Brill. So we're going to do a full cover nail which means we're going to use natural beige through the entire length of this nail, so you can see the shape of it really well. We're using max adhesion liquid and the natural beige powder. I'm going to start here with my first bead to get this free edge shape nice and I'm going to work my way backwards. Pop that there, fade it back, bring it straight from the natural nail fold, going to give it a slightly rounded tip. Second bead, still going to bleed this off, tap the back of the bead so it sneaks nice and close to the cuticle area. Then you're going to bring this bead down over onto the free edge that we've just made. It's going to bring all the shape together. Check your sides, make sure they come out nice and straight, ok. Let that set up a little bit, you want a matte finish, so you want a nice straight side and then you've got a rounded off profile here. So you don't want it square, you want that soft curve. We're going to put the pinching tool on now, we're going to test pinch, that's fine. Give that a second and then what I'll do is I'll move it slightly further down the pinching tool which will give it a stronger
pinch. Make sure you're not pinching the skin at the sides, make sure you're pinching the
actual nail. Let that set up. So you've still got your apex coming up out the back third
of the nail, you have a very very slight slope coming down. Just have a quick check and it'svery very pinched. And it's not round at the end, so you've got quite a steep arch in there as well. And then it's slightly tapered towards this free edge. So we're going to file this nail now, same routine as we always do, straight up the sides, nice and straight, the sides aren't dropping down, they're not lifting up, they're following the natural nail fold,
so that side wall needs to just come straight out. Cuticle area, just whip over there, make
sure it's nice and flush, make sure you don't file off your apex, it's going to give you
a lot of strength and what the nail needs is a lot of strength and structure, it's going
to make it last longer and if the structure is perfect it will look even more beautiful. So now I'm just going to skip over the entire surface of the nail, and as I skip over I can see if there are any spots that dip where my file doesn't hit so I can then go back over again and contour the surface of that nail. Nice curved edge. So when I'm filing this I'm actually filing both, I'm not filing one side, then the other, I'm making contact with both sides so I file them both exactly the same. So we start here and rotate up. Just going to take a little bit of bulk off this nail and then we're pretty much ready to go to buff the nail and top coat it so you can see all the different curves and that nail's nice and shiny, you'll see everything more clear, I'll just buff this and you'll see the shape even clearer. Make sure you're pulling back the skin, reduce any discomfort to your client. Check all the angles, happy with that. So when you've created this shape what you're intending to do is to mirror this curve and this curve, so this curve here should be the same as this curve here. Ok, I'm just going to wipe over with some acetone, just to smooth over, get rid of any dust, but it's also going to melt the top surface of the nail very, very slightly which will smooth it even more. And then we're going to use the mega gloss sealer gel to add a shine, don't forget this is purely just so you can see the shape of the pipe nail, you can do a design on this nail, you could do a pink and white nail, you could do a glitter design, this is just purely so you can see the true shape of a pipe nail. Right so we're going to put that in to the UV lamp now for 2 minutes.

Ok, for this design we're going to use quite an array of products, we're going to use some gel, some acrylic and also some acrylic paint and some transfer foil as well. First of all I'm just going to buff over this nail slightly, just to abraise the surface so the gel sticks to that nicely which means you won't have to base it and this nail is an acrylic nail. Now you could do this directly on to a gel nail if you wanted to, however if you were doing it on a natural nail you would need to make sure that you apply the base gel. I'm just going to wipe over with a little bit of acetone just to clean any bits of dust that may not have been dusted away. We're going to use pure red and we're going to apply this as a full colour. So it's going to cover the entire nail. It's going to be a nice rich colour, just start at the cuticle area, with gel you just want to bounce it slightly up to the cuticle, get that nice crisp edge, so you're pushing the product forward infront of the brush to give that nice crisp edge and we're going to bring the colour down. Nice and neat at the sides. And through the entire length of the nail. So we're going to do two coats of this colour, both layers
of gel need to be cured for two minutes, asI come to the edge I'm just going to let the
brush sweep right round the edge of that nail, just so it's capped. So we'll cure that for
two minutes and then we'll apply the second coat, cure that for two minutes as well. So
what we're going to do with this nail now is we're just going to take the sticky layer off. So we're going to wipe over with the gel residue wipe off solution. And the reason that I'm taking this sticky layer off is because I'm going to paint onto this as well now and we're going to create some 3D baubles using gel. Ok, so got a little bit of foil, we're going to put a little bit of white paint on, so I'm doing it in this order first. So we're going to do the paint work, then we're going to do the 3D on top of that. It's quite simple this is. Just get a little
bit of water so we can rinse the brush. Just going to create some hanging beads, using
the very tip of the brush. Then I'm going to overlap another string here. I'm adding a little bit of water, just so it flows a little bit easier on the nail. Now you need a dotting tool, into your paint, start at the bottom, work your way up that string. Start at the bottom again and work your way up the string. Going to do this one, all of these. So it just looks like there's little beads hanging off. Obviously the more you go, the more you carry on dotting, the less paint is on the dotting tool so they get smaller and smaller. And i always start back where i started again and duh duh duh duh up so we go from bigger to smaller, bigger to smaller. And all of them start in the same place. I'm going to seal this with gel, with the mega gloss sealer gel, so all we're doing here is sealing the paint work in, so pop that into the lamp for two minutes. So that's dry, what I'm going to now is because I'm going to put gel and a bit of 3D onto this as well I'm just going to lightly, very lightly, because you don't want to buff through onto the artwork, you see? What I'm doing is taking the shine off so wherever i put the 3D objects they can stick nice to the surface. So now we're going to use gel to create baubles. So we're got gold dust, dorothy's slippers and clear builder gel and ice white. I'm just going to take a little bit of this white out. I don't want to keep the pots open you see for too long, i don't want to contaminate the pots with any dust. Now you can do this with a dotting tool or a brush, i find it a little bit easier with a dotting tool because it holds the product a little bit better for me. So the first one we're going to do, we're going to do a gold bauble, so you're going to gather up some product onto the very tip of your dotting tool. And then you're going to transfer this onto the nail, just by doing
little circular motions and it's going to draw it off the dotting tool and then as soon as your ready, very quickly before it completely settles, bang that in the lamp. The next one we'll do will be dorothy's slippers with the red glitter. So again I've gathered it onto the end of the dotting tool, and the reason I keep spinning it is because it will just help it level into a nice little ball. Pop that out the lamp, so you can see that we have like a little dome 3D bauble on there. So we're going to do the same thing here. Again just gently do little circles and it will pull off and then again straight into the lamp. And the next one we're going to do we're going to use the builder gel, we're going to put that on and we're going to use a little bit of white gel and we're going to create a little bit of a swirl through the middle as if it's a glass bauble that has one of those nice decorative swirls coming through it. We're going to go straight into that bead, give it a little wiggle to take it off, then I'm going to use the other end of the dotting tool and draw one side out and the other side out, so we have a different shaped bauble, little bit of white, don't need a lot, going to go in the middle, give it a swirl, take one up and off, then go back into the middle, swirl round and down. I'm just going to make this a little bit more pointy there. Don't swirl it too much because you don't want it to be a mess, you just want that little swirl and you can pop that straight into the lamp. That's it, that's fine, and sometimes you want to add a little bit more
or slightly change it but that's fine, I'm quite happy with that. So I'm going to cure that now for two minutes. So their fully cured now, I'm going to take off the sticky layer, bit of gel residue wipe off solution. We're wiping off the sticky layer and can you imagine if we hadn't sealed this in this artwork here? We would take it off wouldn't we? So that's why it is important to seal in your artwork. But now we're going to use a little bit of gel with a detail brush, we just want the clear builder gel and we're just going to make some little tops to these baubles. So you know how a bauble has the little hanger and it has like a little metal part. Same with this one, I'm going to draw this one up. Pop that into the lamp, cure that for two minutes.

So we've got that cured now, don't wipe off the sticky layer we're going to use some transfer foil, the foil that we're going to use we're going to wipe over the back of the foil with the gel residue wipe off solution. Now this helps to clean it up, don't be tempted to use any other solution, you can't use acetone or anything like that, it will destroy the foil. This is really going to clean it up and make it easier to apply. Make sure that that's fully evaporated so you can see how that's going now. So it needs to go matte again, you're not cleaning that side, we're applying it with the matte silver side down. You're just going to use pressure with your thumb and then you're going to pull it off,like that. Check over, if you need to do any other bits, so now can you imagine if we hadn't taken off the sticky layer from these baubles, it would have stuck to those as well and that's what we don't want. Can use a silver one now and do the tops of the baubles. Now with your gel brush, just need a tiny bit of gel residue wipe off solution on it and what we're going to do is clean, straighten these up, nice and straight,so if it's gone too wide or if any of it's stuck anywhere else on the nail that you didn't want it to stick you can clean that up with a bit of the solution, right, what we're going to do now is we're going to use the white paint again, little bit of water into that, i want it to flow really nicely. And we're just going to do this, paint
this as if it's just hanging, same here. Now with this glass one that we've done, just
going to slightly highlight it, highlight a bit of shine with the white paint. As if the light's just catching it. Few little dots, starting at the bottom, working your way up. Now as i look at this i feel like this is a little bit empty at the bottom so what I'm going to do is I'm going to put another little row of beads, so you always need to look at the composition of your design and make sure everything flows nicely, so i definitely feel like it just needs something here, so if that comes from underneath there, bring that right up the side. Then we need to continue this up and through the other ones. Don't forget your little dots, start at the bottom, working your way up. And now what we're going to do is we're going to seal that, then we're going to do a 3D bow. You don't need to go over these baubles, you going to go, skip round those for now. We're sealing in the foil and the other paint work. The only bit you need to go over is the little highlight that we've done on this bauble, on the glass bauble. Going to pop that into the lamp for two minutes. So for the bow we're going to use golden girl acrylic powder and metallic gold, slightly different golds they are, I'm also going to use the high speed acrylic liquid because i want it to set up quite quick. This is an awesome liquid to do 3D with. So you can see there's a bit of a difference between the two golds. So we can create a little bit of depth as well and highlight. 3D brush, so we're going to make a, sort of a very soft diamond shape, it's not going to be a massive bow. So this is going to fold in half here, so this will be the size of your bow. While that's setting a little bit, start the other one, it's quite a medium dry bead. Pretty much the same thing as we've just done. Get it as close as you can size wise because you want each side of the bow to look in proportion. Wet that section with your brush and you can start to fold, go underneath with a damp brush, dampened with your liquid and then fold this over. You can't do it too early, I'm sort of testing this part now to see if it's ready. Just doing it gently. So we can go for it now, so your brush is dampened, you're going to wet this section here so it sticks. Like that. Then release this first part of the bow and then we're going to attach it to the other part with a little bead, lift that up and slide it to it. All I'm using that for is to attach the bows together. It doesn't need to be too big, it only needs to be a little bead really just so it attaches together, kind of like you're gluing them together with the acrylic.
And then we're going to do the middle, we're going to use some of the golden girl powder
for this. Press it out, pull it in, what you want is these two sections raised and you can create that just by pulling the powder, well the liquid and powder in, just pull the acrylic in. See as you flatten it out, it's flat and now you get it, pull it in, pull it in, you create like a little fold through the center. Pull this off, don't do it too early, don't do it too late, pop that on there, fold one side round and then the other, so that's looping over the center. Can get your brush underneath and just raise it a bit so it makes it look even more realistic. I'm going to get a little bit of the golden girl powder, wet and just kind of paint with it just through the middle of that bow Just going to give it some sparkle and a little bit of depth. You can go into your bows and slightly open them out, because we've dome them so thin, they will still move for a little bit, you probably would have thought ooh that will be solid by now but it will move a little bit. So you can make sure that they're nice and open. What we're going to do now is we're going to attach this to the nail. Little bit of clear acrylic powder, little bit of clear, we're using it like glue to adhere the bow, you can pick it up with the brush if you can, place that on, just going to get a little bit more acrylic just so i know it's stuck, bit wet just so it runs underneath a little direction that you want to go, make sure it attaches ever so slightly, just touching that bow. Now I'm pressing this out so it looks
like it's falling down. Next side, only small beads these are. I'm not bleeding them out
because i want them to be able to work them quite easily and be able to draw them down.
So again, make sure it's attached just ever so slightly and start to press into your powder,
when it's ready, don't start to press it too early. Just creating a bit of a wave, tiny bit of the golden girl powder again, and then what we're going to do is add a tiny bit of paint which is just going to highlight the bow and make it look even more realistic. And then we'll add a tiny bit more paint to the baubles as well. We're not quite finished with them. So a bit of white paint, also a little bit of gold, so using the white paint, little bit of water, we're going to highlight the edges of the bow, quite lightly, this is just going to bring out the shape a little bit more. And a little bit down the center fold here, highlight that, we've highlighted the tails to the bow and then I'm just going to add a little bit of highlight onto these baubles but you can also add things like little snowflakes or designs. What I'm going to do with this one is highlight it but then this one here I'm just going to put a little design on it. The paint that we've done on the bow we're going to seal that with brush on glue, so we don't want it to go too shiny shiny, i wouldn't do it with gel, it just takes away the whole look of that and then we're just going to get the mega gloss sealer gel and just seal the very top of your baubles that we've painted on. Put that into the lamp, two minutes and then we're pretty much nearly done. So that's cured now. so that's sealed in the paint on those baubles. All we need to do now is add a little bit of cuticle oil, massage that in, that's your christmas bauble design with a 3D bow all finished.