Calla Lily 3D Acrylic Nail Art

In this Video Gemma Lambert and Naio Nails show us how to produce a 3D calla flower onto the nail using acrylic liquid and powder.

So I'm going to do a Calla Lily now. I'm picking up white acrylic this time. Fairly big bead. Take that liquid out the back and place it onto the Arabella form. Brush to a point, wait for that to start setting, you're going to get this bead to a point before it sets fully, and then let it set a bit more. Get your brush back to a point and take any liquid out of it. We're waiting for that matte consistency on that bead. Press it, if it bounces back it's not ready. Okay, that's ready now, so belly of your brush to press it out, and then you're going to fold these tabs at the bottom back in.

I'm just going to put a tiny bit of yellow, a really small amount of yellow and blend it in, just to give the center piece a bit of colour. Then we're going to pick up some orange, take the liquid out the back of that bead, place it right down there near the bottom of the flower and then spread it up. Press it together and this is going to make the stem inside. So side of your brush, pressing it back together. Then you're going to pick up another bead of white,take the liquid out the back, and place it on the bottom of the flower. Pressing it up over those side pieces there, and just blend it on. Then use the tip of your brush to lift that front bit forward, so the flower's got a nice amount of depth just there.

Now we're going to move onto the stem, the leaf stem. Place your bead on and drag it down to a point. So, it wants to be thicker here and coming down to thinner. So you're just running your brush down that stem. And then we're going to add a leaf onto this. We're going into two different greens and a white, quite a big bead, place it on, again we're doing a leaf here so we're going to get it straight into a point before it starts setting. Then you're going to turn your brush into a knife and you're going to separate that leaf by drawing a line straight through it. Once that leaf has started to set, use your brush to press into it. And that's a lily and a leaf done.