Black and Gold Acrylic Nail Tutorial Video by Naio Nails

In this Video Gemma Lambert and Naio Nails show us how to create a beautiful black and gold acrylic nail design.
Follow this instructional video and with Naio Nails products, YOU can create this fantastic acrylic nail art design.

We are going to do a black and gold design today. This nail has already been primed and prepped, so if you are unsure of how to do this take a look at the relevant video now. 
We are going to start off by using some cover pink to extend the nail bed. Don't forget to take the liquid out of the back of the bead. Then the next bead you don't take the liquid out, so that it blends onto the clients natural nail and onto the bead you have already placed.

Next we are going to do a full black tip.Then we are going to come in with some gold pigment. I'm just going to put some gold paint on to the nail bed area. Then we are going to cap this whole nail in pink acrylic. Whenever you are working with black or pigments, make sure that you are constantly wiping your brush. If not you could end up picking parts of the black or pigment up and the wiping it onto another area. Check your apex to see if you have enough acrylic on your stress point. Then wait for the nail to set a little bit before you are ready to pinch.

So now this nail is ready to pinch. Place your pinching tool on and let go. We are going to turn this nail into a slight pipe design so we need to have a good pinch on it, so make sure you put it at the bottom of the nail. 

Ok, so you can take your pinching tool off now and as you can see, this nail has quite a tight pinch but you will need that for this shape.

So the sidewalls are the same, the come out nice and square and then all you are going to do is just take that top corner off. Still square at the top. We are going to do a little bit of hand painting on this nail so just smooth it down with your white block. Get rid of your dust. 

Now the black hand painting is just going to go on  top of your gold area. So again add a little bit of water to your black paint. And we are just doing little flicks and little swirls. Let that paint dry and then you are ready for your gel top coat. We are going to put that nail under the lamp for 2 minutes. 

Finish the nail off with a little bit of cuticle oil and massage it in. 

That is your black and gold nail done.