Basic Nail Art Striper Pens Tutorial Video

So in this video we are going to take you right back to basics of Nail Art, using striper pens. Make sure that you take out as much of the paint as you can off your brush, so you get really nice thin lines, so your brush stays nice and thin. Instead of just doing plain straight flicks, we are going to wiggle them a little bit. So place your brush on, wiggle it and come off. Then we can go into our white. So again take as much paint off that brush as you can, so it stays nice and thin. You can do just as thin a line with these as you can a brush, as long as you take the paint off. So we're going to highlight these black lines
now by going next to them with the white. Steady hand. And as you can see I am using my little finger as support so that I don't start shaking. We're going to add some little dots now, so you need to load your brush up so that it's got a little bit extra on the end. You could put a diamante on there if you wanted. Let that paint dry, then we are going to apply
our gel top coat. So that paint in now dry, so we are going to apply our gel top coat. And into the lamp for 2 minutes. That top gel has set now. Just a little bit of cuticle oil and massage it in. That's that nail done.