Art Deco Acrylic Nail Tutorial

In this video, Naio demonstrates how to design a fantastic Art Deco inspired acrylic nail, with a vibrant, eye catching range of colours and some free hand paining on top. Products used in this nail tutorial video can be found on this page.

We're going to do an Art Deco style nail now, with a little bit of a floral detail as well. We're going to start off with our cover pink, don't forget to take that liquid out the back. Then the second bead you don't take the liquid out. Then we're going to do blocks of colour. So, to create a block of colour, take the liquid out the back so that when you place it on to the nail it doesn't move too much.
Then we're going to cap this whole nail in pink acrylic. When you've capped the free edge just get a small amount of the deep pink and gently just place it on in quite a spiky shape and then cap that. That's going to make the underneath of our flower. Let that nail set a bit and then it's ready for pinching. Okay, you can take your pinching tool off and this nail is ready for filing. Use your white block to smooth the nail down and you can get rid of your dust.

Then we're going to use our black paint to highlight with. So using your black paint you're going to draw lines around those blocks of colour. Then you're going to create a flower over the top of your pink acrylic. Then we're going to create a little lace effect just round the smile line. Wait for that paint to dry and then this nail is ready for a gel top coat. You can get your client to pop that finger under the lamp for two minutes. To finish this nail off, put a bit of cuticle oil on and don't forget to go underneath because we have got some transparent bits under there. That's that nail done.