Acrylic Nail Re-design

So you're client has had this design on for a few weeks and now it's time for a change, no need to remove the old design, this video will show you how to do a redesign.

On this nail we're going to do a redesign. It's ready for an infill and we're also going to change the design completely. Start by pushing back your cuticle, and don't forget to scrape off any excess cuticle that may be stuck to the nail plate.

You're then going to use your electric file to thin the whole nail down.  Then we are going to do some hand filing around the cuticle area in case there is any lifting. 
So as you can see we've took off most of the design. There is little bits left on but don't worry as long as the design you're putting on top is a little bit darker or is going to cover it okay. Get rid of your dust and the trap that dust in that towel. Apply your dehydrator, just onto the new nail and your primer, just onto the new nail.

Now we're just going to do a quick marbelising with black white and silver,  so all your going to do is pick up your three products at the same time, so into your white first, then into your black, then into your glitter silver. Place it on the nail, move it around slightly so it starts to marbelise, then tap it in to place.  Don't play with it too much otherwise it will just end up being grey. Just going to blend that smile line down slightly, and then put a little bit more silver glitter over the smile line and blend that down.  Use the belly of your brush to pad it all so that it's nice and even but don't do it until the bead has gone matte. If you do it too early, again you'll just end up with a grey finish. Also try not to brush.
We're going to cap this nail in pink and don't forget when you're doing your zone 3 to point your client's nail down so that it doesn't flood back to the cuticle.  We're going to let that set a little bit now and then it will be ready to pinch.
This nail is now ready for pinching.  Place your pinching tool on and leave it there for a few minutes and now take this pinching tool off and file the nail. 

Remove any of your dust and apply your gel top coat.  Then you can get your client to put that nail into the lamp for two minutes.

To finish this nail off just apply a little bit of cuticle oil and that is the redesign done.